Aimee Snowden
-Irrigation farmer from Sth NSW specialising in fodder production. Work off-farm in agricultural PR, comms and school outreach. Creator of the LEGO Farmer and passionate about agricultural education.

Hi, I am Aimee

Hi, I am Aimee

I am based on the family irrigation farm in Southern NSW. 

I am excited to be joining the Farmer eXchange - and can't wait to see the questions that get asked! 

879 days ago

Hi Aimee, lovely to e-meet you!
Stacey | 647 days
Hi Aimee, lovely to e-meet you!
Stacey | 647 days
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Hi Aimee!

Thrilled to have you here!

-Founder Farm Table and Mixed Farmer
878 days ago

Hi Aimee, We've been crossing paths on Twitter. Good to meet you on the Exchange.

-I'm a novice farmer wanting to learn more
869 days ago

Hi Aimee !

Future Feeders
-New School Farmer
876 days ago
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