Making chaff

I grow Vetiver Grass  grass commercially as we run a Vetiver nursery.

It's an amazing grass, much under utilised here on Australian farms -- as fodder, forage, erosion control, or soil regeneration.

Generally, we are supplying landcare groups and bush regeneration projects as well as farmers with specific landscaping issues.

Vetiver's nutritional hit is impressive -- between 6 and 13% protein content, depending on age. A C4 grass.

Great backup for those times of drought but not so much favoured by livestock when other pastures are available

Since we cut back our clumps several times per year, monthly during the hot months, I'm exploring how best to process the stems for fodder. We don't want to go down the silage root but if we chaffed it -- would that necessarily make the grass more appealing to livestock? 

I'm thinking of chaffing in the field and simply bagging the product for sale..while still green and dry.

  • Would this work do you think?
  • What size bag units should I consider creating?
  • Does useable chaff require a uniform size? (Thats' relevant to our machine options)

Generally, Vetiver can be cut every 30-45 days -- depending on the season/growing conditions,. A company in Botswana -- Ecological Fodder Solutions -- is doing great work promoting Vetiver and Napier grass as feed. So the parallels to Australian conditions suggest a vetiver niche as fodder and forage is feasible.



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