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You are able to choose your favourite/most useful answer by validating it. This sends a thanks to the person that has provided that answer and closes the thread. The validated answer might not necessarily be the most popular amongst other respondents.

You can validate your preferred answer by clicking the big tick on the left hand side of that answer.

When you create a question, you have the ability to add specific tags to quickly explain what a post is about via keywords.

It also helps users find related topics based on those tags. Topic tags allow users to filter between forums and display topics with a specific topic tag.


We are so sorry but due to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions, we cannot yet have members under 18 years of age in the Exchange.

The following actions accumulate points:


How many points

Signing up


Completing profile


Adding profile pic


Asking first question


First answer


Asking a question


Providing an answer to a question


Clicking “I have that question too”


Receiving “I have that question too”


Receiving an upvote


Receiving a downvote


Receiving a love


Most upvoted answer


Person asking question chooses their best answer (thereby closing loop – best response for them) – way to thank this person


Person who posted the validated answer


Responding to a survey/poll


Providing a post in more social sections – Chewing the cud, what’s happening in your day etc.



We don’t believe people will be interested in public leaderboards or popularity contests. Therefore, your points are seen when by you only, in your profile.

If some of your points have been deducted, you received a ‘downvote’. Don’t let this discourage you though, as it just is a way to move more valuable answers higher in the list. If your answer was supposed to be a comment, please use the comment box next time.



How to follow/save a question for later

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Choosing an Accepted Answer

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