Here are some quick videos to introduce you to different facets of the Farmer Exchange to watch whenever you need them!

How to follow/save a question for later

Learn how to follow a question thread so you can find it again later easily and quickly.

Choosing an Accepted Answer

This tutorial will walk you through how to choose the most useful answer and send a thanks to the person who provided it!
Learn all about the key features of the Farmer Exchange in this document.

Add Farmer Exchange icon to Android Device

The video above explains how to add a Farmer Exchange icon to your Android device. Simply: 1. Open the Farmer Exchange and log in 2. Tap the menu button and choose "Add to home screen". 3. Enter a name for the shortcut - Farmer Exchange - and then Chrome will add it to your home screen.

Add Farmer Exchange icon to Apple Device

This video explains how to add a website icon to an Apple Device: 1. On your iOS device, open your Safari browser and log into the Farmer Exchange 2. Click the share icon in the browser 3. Select the option 'Add to Home Screen' 4. Name the shortcut 'Farmer Exchange'