-Gus here, recently returned to family’s mixed farm after working on other properties across Australia.

Disc or tyne?

Do you use tyne or disc seeders when sowing into retained stubbles? We are retaining more and more of our winter stubbles and looking at improving our sowing gear. Any recommendations or tips for the either system? 

74 days ago

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G’day Gus, I’ve had a bit of a look at this but am no expert to say the least. Both a tyne with a culter and disc are great at going through stubbles to help incorporate. I found that a disc was great for soil/seed placement, minimum disturbance and quicker sowing speed but limited in our heavy clay soil conditions when too dry or too wet, unable to incorporate pre-emergent chemicals or deep band fertiliser. We went with a Tyne due being more flexible in our mixed cropping but would look at getting a disc machine in for specific crops. I would just consider your soil types, weed burden on farm and crops grown.

Hope this helps a little

-Mixed farming manager of a family farm from Deniliquin, have some knowledge but master of none. Keen to learn and share.
73 days ago
Thanks a heap Hugh, that is really helpful, particularly as you've used both. Appreciate it mate.
GusS | 73 days
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