OH&S Procedures on farm

Does anyone have a formal WH&S/OH&S policy/ procedure on farm? What do you include in it (i.e. induction, risks etc.). We are starting to grow our business and employ staff and want to get this right for our safety as well as compliance.

1713 days ago

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Don't get hung up on paperwork, as Alex Thomas has suggested. You need to actively think about what could go wrong, what could kill you. Guarding on machinery, traffic flows within work yards, powerlines in bad positions, communicating via signage or ingrained good habits, inducting workers in an active way with walk and talk. All the paperwork and fancy recording apps in the world will not save you if you don't have a culture of awareness, good communication and a continual dialogue about what could be done better.

1710 days ago

Some responses from  social members:

  • Megan Nicholson:  Dairy Australia have a really good one that can be adjusted for use in any Ag industry. Check out the people in dairy site.
  • Carly Noble  Im not home, but I have a risk register' matrix, SWOT analysis that alloww you to work out where you can improve, HACCAP program which I designed (food program), MSD Folder for each area (includes legislation' guidelines and codes of practice specific to each area) and signs. W also have our biosecurity plan. If interested I have design templates for Farm Table if you want
  • Basic policy here to use. https://www.broadacrefarmsafety.com.au/do-i-need-a-work.../
  • plantaseedforsafety: Hi Jason ???????? this response won’t do your question justice, but as a safety person (and a pastoralist’s daughter!) - instead of having formal procedures - perhaps ask yourself, what could go wrong, how might it go wrong and what are you going to do about it? Legislation is all about managing the risk of something going wrong... paperwork is a last line of defence if there’s nothing else you can do to prevent something from going wrong. Feel free to DM me if you need more clarity.

-Founder Farm Table and Mixed Farmer
1711 days ago
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