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Farm Management Software

I would like to know what people are using and experience with farm management software. Specifically software that captures data on livestock and enables recording of information such as Sires, Dams, Animal ID, Birthing detials etc.

277 days ago

Thanks for the question, Mark. Following.
Kitson | 276 days

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Phoenix by Agdata are excellent with nearly all farming related software. Highly recommend giving their product a trial.

268 days ago
Thanks so much Georgia
Airlie | 265 days

Are you wanting to intergrate the software with scanning tools such as readers etc?  or to just use the software back in the office?

I find Practical Systems Stockbook and Stockhand as well as Sapien Koolcollect very good for individual animal management with the use of electronic identification and use within the yards. 

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264 days ago

Hi Mark, these are my favourite farm management tools/software


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214 days ago
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