Matt young
-Mixed Vegetable and Livestock producer from Tasmania

G-day I'm Matt from East Sassafras in Tasmania.

G-day I'm Matt a Vegetable and Livestock Producer from East Sassafras in Tasmania.

We produce Vegetables for the Processing and local fresh markets. Also beef and lamb for the local butcher markets.

I am looking forward to hopefully being able to answer other member questions and to be able to get some of mine answered.

2281 days ago

Hey Matt, Great part of the world in Sassafras. What type of veggies do you produce?
Rob_Farmer | 2269 days
Hey Matt! So great to have you here! Hope things are going well in Tassie!
Airlie | 2280 days

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Gday Matt!

Future Feeders
-New School Farmer
2276 days ago
Would you like to contribute to the discussion?


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