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Has anyone used Figured farm accounting software?

We use Xero for our farming business and are looking at the Figured add on for our budgeting. Do you think it is worthwhile and a worthy addition rather than doing our budgeting in excel?

We have both livestock and cropping enterprises.

Thanks in advance,

2304 days ago

Following, we use Xero too.
Kitson | 2047 days

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Hi Airlie,

Love the concept and haven't tried it recently - we used for a couple of years, but on the dairy/livestock side there was a lot of manual entry required without filling in for the tracking reporting I do, so I was still using Excel as well (...double entry...), and the calculations weren't able to be customised (eg, milk price).  For the cost, I was doing too much elsewhere.  

The link to Xero was great, only issue there was that the notes on Figured didn't transfer to Description in Xero (also something I use a lot for grouping in reports in Xero).

Hoping the features improve, because there's nothing else in that space, and there's a lot of potential.

~ C

-Dairy Farmer - Mid North Coast NSW
2276 days ago
Thanks so much Carissa.
Airlie | 2235 days

Hi Airlie,

We received this email from a subscriber who is an accountant in the ag space. She said:

We use Figured with some of our primary producer clients, specifically those in cattle and sheep production. It has been a significant time saver for both them and us, and makes comparing budget to actuals so much simpler! I would certainly recommend it.  

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