How do I start tree cropping?

I have over a hundred hectares of former sheep grazing land that I would like to convert to tree cropping. I need information on how to start, what are the best tree species to get started, the best season to plant, should I start from seed or seedlings, do I need irrigation etc.

2304 days ago

We have tree crops which we use for carbon credits. My advice is to search NFT - Nitrogen Fixing Trees that hold the most carbon but also can cater well on minimal water. You can choose decidious or native. They need to ba spaced at 10m minimum a part to ensure you achieve a sufficient canopy otherwise you'll loose the objective. You can start of with seedlings which will shave 1-2 yrs of your timeline. Tree guards work great and you can run them north to south so that they obtain the best weather conditions. Check out Carbon Farmers of Australia website for recommendations on their forestry plans. Keep me posted please on your progress
ParksideRun | 1654 days

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It depends on your business plan: are you wanting to earn carbon credits or use it to become carbon neutral? If either interests you check out Carbon Farmers of Australia website. You could plant nitrogen fixing trees that build diversity and improve sub soil structure or you could use it as part a regenerative farm program opening this area up x2 twice per year for Livestock feeding.

1701 days ago
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