-A newer farmer (5 years) with beef cattle and bees, and also studying ag at uni.

Webinar for Uni assignment - help required

Hi All,

I'm studying a Bachelor of Agriculture and doing a unit on skills for Ag Consultants. We have to do a Webinar presentation, and I'm a little lost for a topic (more to the point - too many choices!). What I'd like to ask is:

What topic would get you to attend a webinar or a workshop? 

There are so many valuable topics to cover, but I'd really like to narrow my presentation down to something that is very important to farmers, right now, not something I think could or should be important. I need to have an outline completed in the next 2 days, so please, tell me what would get you to drop what your doing for an hour, or a day, to learn more about?

I'd love to hear from everyone, no idea is silly or of no interest. Your feedback and assistance is greatly appreciated. 

Thanks in advance,


326 days ago

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