Louise from SkyMesh
-Part of the SkyMesh family, working to connect regional, rural and remote Aussies to the internet.

Louise from SkyMesh

Hi there folks

My name is Louise. I'm from SkyMesh and we connect rural and remote Australians to the internet. 

A lot of our customers are farmers and I love to hear and tell their stories of connectivity. 

My role at SkyMesh is Content Marketing Manager. 

It's a pretty special role because I get to talk to so many fabulous people out there using the internet to do amazing things in rural and remote Australia. Then I get to tell their stories on our blog, in videos and for other publication channels so others can share and grow from their experiences. 

Hopefully I'll get to meet some more awesome people through Farmer Exchange and Farm Table.



1320 days ago

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Thanks Louise for the introduction. So thrilled to have you part of the Farm Table family.

-Founder Farm Table and Mixed Farmer
1319 days ago
Thrilled to be part of the family :)
Louise from SkyMesh | 1311 days

Thanks, Louise

for sharing introductions.

1316 days ago
Hi there Cleanwithpure :)
Louise from SkyMesh | 1311 days
Would you like to contribute to the discussion?


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