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Can someone assist with applying for farming grants?

Hi, looking for recommendations for a consultant to assist with applying for farming grants. 

1482 days ago

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Firstly, it's always a good idea to check in the with the organisation offering the Grant. They can often help with assessing your eligibilty and idenfying any further requirements, and it's great to build up rapport with a potential funding partner. 
I would recommend also looking at the FRRR website. They are a not-for-profit organisation that works with government, business and philanthropy organisations to improve the lives of those living in rural, regional and remote Australia. They role out a number of grants on behalf of others for communities. They have resources here: www.frrr.org.au/cb_pages/resources_and_faqs.php
These are relevant even if you are not applying for one of their grants! 
And finally a rural and regional person who works in this space is Julia Telford of Engage and Create Consulting. You can find her here: engageandcreateconsulting.com.au 

Aimee Snowden
-Irrigation farmer from Sth NSW specialising in fodder production. Work off-farm in agricultural PR, comms and school outreach. Creator of the LEGO Farmer and passionate about agricultural education.
1481 days ago
Thank you so much Aimee, that is very helpful.
Old Man Rog | 1464 days

There are also the Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitators (RALF) that can support farmers/farmer groups with farming grants. Follow this link to find the RALF for your area https://www.agriculture.gov.au/ag-farm-food/natural-resources/landcare/national-landcare-program/landcare-facilitators the RALF is a good starting point for sourcing information or contacts relating to agriculture

1469 days ago
Thanks alot Dash, appreciate it.
Old Man Rog | 1464 days

Are you looking for help to find suitable funding or assistance in completing the applications? There are a number of sites to find suitable grants for free, but it does take time to read the emails and guidelines to find suitable funding programs. some business charge a fee to access their database but does give you a search option and look at what is currently open.

Most funding providers are more tha happy to answer questions to help work out if your project is inline with guidelines and funding objectives. 

There are grant writing services out there, if you choose to use one please be careful of the fees many charge a fee to complete the application and then a % of the total grant amount as a sucess fee. 

Keep in mind some grants are considered taxable income so if applying for larger grants disuss with your accountant. 

I worked for a grant writing company for 2 years and honestly you are the best person to complete the grant, you know exactly what the project is, how it will work, the risks and the beheifts, The guidelins and required information can be overwhelming, but your accountant can help with a lot of the finacial requirements. 

-Beef and horses Mid North Coast NSW, Administration, Governance, Grants and Funding, finding courage to leave 9 to 5 to start Consulting.
1465 days ago
Thanks jsacres. It was assistance in completing them, so your answer is extremely helpful. Thank you very much.
Old Man Rog | 1464 days
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