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Sowing depth of canola

We are looking to sow canola this year and looking for some advice. What depth do you sow canola?

How has depth affected your results? And should I change depth depending on soil moisture at time of planting?

587 days ago

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Hi Stacey

seeding depth depends on soil type and soil moisture, generally speaking, the smaller the seed the less energy it has to get out of the ground and the shallower it should be sown. Canola being a small seed is generally sown in the 5-15mm deep area but I have seen it come up from as deep as 45mm on very sandy soils.

the other main factor is soil moisture and how many rain fronts are coming through, in lower rainfall zones before May we try to sow deeper as the soil dries out and this can affect germination percentage, in wetter areas where we have consistent rain fronts coming through every week you can sow shallower.

you should change the depth depending on moisture, the best idea would be to speak to a local agronomist 

583 days ago
Thank you so much Tim, this is very helpful.
Stacey | 572 days
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