-I'm back on family mixed farm, work with multiple generations of our family at the moment. I work mainly in our summer and winter cropping program, and a little with our ewe mob.

How can we best help those affected by fires?

Hi, there are so many fundraising websites and ways to help out those affected by fires, that I'm not sure where to start. Where/what is the best place to go to to help in terms of fodder, agistment, donations, house sharing, volunteer time etc? I know that a long list but I know so many want to assist but aren't sure where to start.


296 days ago

My advice for anyone wanting to support farmers directly - make sure the funds are getting to where they are really needed. By reputable agencies or local communities. Blaze Aid, Lions Club & Find a Bed a great starting points if you want to get in and volunteer either your time or resources.
ORICoop | 292 days
We are working directly with organic & biodynamic farmers affected by bushfires. We will have opportunities for people to assist once the immediate fire danger passes. Until then you can support our appeal here. https://organicinvestmentcooperative.com.au/opportunities/organic-farmers-bushfire-appeal/ Or register for future interest.
ORICoop | 292 days

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Tom,   I agree with the good advice given first up. Use well established organisations/charities only. There are plenty of low life scammers trying to use this natural disaster to rip people off.

292 days ago
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