Anyone heard about or used Beefie app for weighing cattle in the paddock?

Not currently available in Australia as far as I can tell but sounds great. You use your mobile phone to weigh cattle by photo in the paddock. Supposed to be 95 percent accurate. Has anyone seen/used the app (maybe overseas) or have any opinions about it?

362 days ago

I don't use an app but we use a similar method. We take photos of our cattle from x5 different spots and record each at different age groups. We've got it down to a fine art. I.e: we sent to steers in to the sales before christmas expecting they weighed about 300 kilos. One came back at 305kg the other 295kg. Hope this helps
ParksideRun | 326 days

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Hi, some responses from our network on social media:


I have heard and spoke to developers about a year ago or so, looked great but not sure if they finalised the app

Emma Patterson I’ve tried to contact them to look at distributing in Australia but no luck so far! Thought it was a great idea!

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