Does anyone use any WH&S apps especially regarding chemical records and Safety Data Sheets. I'm looking for recommendations.

I want an app based program that we can access Safety Data Sheets on phones. 

419 days ago

Agworld works well especially if you’re agronomist use it as well
Moum | 404 days
Im trained in WHS and there are not a lot around for agriculture but you can put together your own as a template, save it in a word or pdf which you can open on your phone and use as you need it. Ive made my own. JSA or SWIMS depends on the job or task at hand. Either require a policy and procedure/s that ensure your JSA or SWIM compmies with legislation. Ive found to make it easy design a SOP- standard operating procedure template tgat can be manipulated to suit each task you do on your farm.
CarlyNoble | 417 days

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Hi Nadine and all,

I'm working on developing some WH&S training products especially for sml - med agri businesses. We've just secured (a very small!) grant from the Victorian Govt to look at using emerging technology to provide better H&S training for agricultural businesses so was interested in your question and in thoughts from others around WH&S apps available to them.

Agriculture has a disproportionate number of major injuries and fatalities in the workplace and yet there doesn't seem to be anything much available for Australian farming industry to support them with H&S inductions for the long term and seasonal workforce. Having grown up on a small farm and experienced from a young age some  awful accidents, I'm pretty passionate about this side of farming.

Would love thoughts from you all on whether you think the community you live in might be open or otherwise  to new technlogies for H&S training:

- What would be useful for you? 

-Is there anyone out there who has found some useful tools for WH&S specific to their farming work? 

- What would be some of the difficulties you can see in accessing apps and new technology? (maybe you think it'd be too high tech for you, take up too much time, or be hard to access in your remote location, anything else which would put you off using technology to help with H&S training in your business?)

-Anything you think I'd have to overcome to get better H&S training products out to your community specifically?

Thanks Nadine, Carly and everyone else for your thoughts.


412 days ago

Hi, check out Safe Ag Systems which covers both WH&S & chemical records which you can attach SDS.

406 days ago
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