Has anyone developed a children at work policy?

We have a employee who has more frequently started bring children into our farming workplace after school. I feel I need to develop a policy to outline what is expected. I am interested, if anyone else has had this same issue and how other people have dealt with this situation.

392 days ago

Yes we have one as a SOP which complies with legislation and will hold up in court. Some farmers will say no kids allowed BUT that would mean no kids are allowed to step foot on any part of the farm (yours or other kids). As long as each employee signs the document, you have signage about tbe place and all the correct pathways are followed then your good to go. With kids, even on your own farm no one should be complacent. I tell my kids that if they break ranks their are consequences. Happy to chat more if needs be
CarlyNoble | 368 days

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Hi Nadine, you might find some useful guidance in the policy at the University of Southern Queensland. It might be adaptable to the farm situation. I think it is very important that you have a policy and it should state clearly that a child should be under the supervision of the parent/carer at all times and the policy should list areas where children are not allowed, e.g. in a machinery shed or on any machinery, in sheep or cattle yards. You should also check with your insurer to see what they might advise or require. The url for the USQ policy is https://policy.usq.edu.au/documents/13277PLhttps://policy.usq.edu.au/documents/13277PL 

387 days ago

Ban them.  A workplace is for people being paid and covered with insurance only. Even they are a big enough risk.

392 days ago
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