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Agistment rates?

Hi, I have had some agistment enquiries and want to help people out but I have absolutely no idea to charge? Does anyone have any advice on what to charge per week for a cow/calf unit and weaners on both sprayed out crops and/or native pastures? Would really appreciate any advice. Ta.

102 days ago

A good place to start is working out your cost of carry. This give you a guide. If you are like us and in drought it is possible to produce a high number, but after asking around we were able to reduce the rate down.
AO | 93 days

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Rates can vary depending on: availablity to yards, water, fencing, monitoring by owner of land, feed quality etc. 

Prior to the drought natural pasture was around $5/head/week +GST ( dry cows ), plus extra aprrox $2 for cow & calf, and bulls. During this dry period rates have sometimes been negotiation on a flat rate for the padock. 

At the end of the day the livestock owner has to justify the weight gain ($ gain) for the agistment rate.  



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Ask an old experienced Livestock Agent

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Currently getting $12+ gst per cow and calf unit per week on native pasture

64 days ago
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