How has your experience with PCAS been?

Really interested in getting feedback of people's experiences with PCAS and other pasture-certified programs? Is the premium received worth it?

145 days ago

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We're in QLD and we have been part of the TEYs Grasslands program.  There's no audit fee.  They also pay 10c extra on top of whatever the EU price is.  We joined mainly because they also allow up to 4 teeth and the premium was higher than standard MSA etc.  However, it appears to us that since a lot have signed up too now, our cattle are not grading as highly as they used to - even though we are sending pretty much the same product.  Other friends are saying the same - they used to get a lot in the 1-4 boning group but now it's just a handful.  Another producer in the area was under PCAS - he said the $1500 audit fee was well worth it because he made around $20K year extra.  

143 days ago
Thanks so much Bec - really insightful and helpful. Cheers.
JRB | 141 days
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