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I'm just wondering how many of you would consider employing a young wool classer (under 21), that has all necessary qualifications and a good work ethic. Lots of people think its better to employ a more mature person with more life experience. Let me know what you think! 

547 days ago

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Hi Hannah, we have found that attitude and work ethic to be so important, so if the candidate has these (as well as the qualifications you need), then there is no reason to be concerned about age. Obviously experience comes with age, but we need to be willing to back keen younger people as well.

 It also depends on the structure of your existing team, as diversity in terms of age, sex, experience etc. has shown to continubte to high performing teams.

Your question also triggered my memory about current Wage Subsidies if you are looking to engage new employees who are between 15 and 29 years old or 50 and older, are parents, Indigenous Australian or are registered unemployed. This could be relevant in your case.

-Founder Farm Table and Mixed Farmer
546 days ago

Thank you

479 days ago

Go for the younger one .... will do your wool on merit.... the old" hacks" will just do the same old job they do everywhere else.  Basically just get in a groove and thats it. Like Ground Hog Day!!!!

362 days ago
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