What have been your methods for getting better mobile reception without relying on Telstra?

Hi, we have issues of reception around our home and our farm. This is frustrating, but on top of that we want to start introducing more tech on farm, such as farm paddock management and weather stations, but don't want to rely on the mobile signal. Are there any options out there for us?

647 days ago

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A response from our social media post from Carly Noble: 

"We use skynet, a satellite internet service beause telstra wasn't able to supply us."

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636 days ago

Using systems that don't need the mobile network... Such as 'Observant' and their system which transfers data through UHF back to a place with better phone coverage... Or using Farm and Livestock Managment software that have offline capabilities, like our software Mobble.

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634 days ago
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