After advice for the best temporary fencing for rotational/cell Grazing ?

We are looking to set up our small property (200ac) with temporary fencing so we can more intensively rotational graze our breeding cattle. Just wonderingwhat business/products people have used and the positives and negatives...?

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Hi Anna, I'd be inclined to look at chopping block up into large blocks with a single wire on steel droppers. Then use an untrabraid or decent tape on reel with temporary droppers to create smaller boxes within that larger block. Google Techno grazing. And come up with your own less complex system on a similar model. You can then also change the size of paddock based on how much rest everything else is getting based on carrying capacity, stocking rate and season etc. Also remember you'll need a minimum or 28+ (don't quote me) paddocks for a proper cell system. So perhaps run with a modified rotational plan. Hope that helps. Sam
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Hi Anna,

Some responses from our social media followers:

  1. Carly Noble: We cell graze using 2 split wire systems over 220acres. The cells vary in size as required using solar powered battery system. A few around and each draw 10v to varying km lengths. The two wire setup uses metal pickets which we seperate at 3m intervals. You can add Springer handles for gate access. Waratar systems are an option. Set up for us was $10,000 all up costs installing thus ourselves.
  2. Tim Eyes: Kiwi tech is the one to use
  3. Jessica Grace: We use a mix of 'semi permanent' with star posts and a couple of electric wire and thunderbird temp fencing.

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we use kiwi tech for our temporary fencing it is a very good product. The droppers are the best and stand up to a lot and so does the tape. Downside is you have to get it from New Zealand but they are very good to deal with and even have an Australian account for you to pay into

our main electric fencing is Gallagher and speedrite.

566 days ago
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