Is mulching a good way to manage gorse (or other woody weeds) in native pasture/hill country?

There has been quite a bit of gorse control work done in Tas using a mulcher, but there's not a lot of information about post-mulching impacts. As a conservation manager, I'm interested to hear about your experiences in managing dense patches of gorse or other woody weeds in and around native pastures/bush/hill country. I feel like we should have all the answers to this question already but not sure that we do.



425 days ago

Hi Kerry, I've done some work with Gorse. Mostly spray and or burn... I can't add much, but I know some people who have used a gorse mulch for fertiliser. Whilst it was very effective and high in something they required... They had MASSIVE issues with just spreading seed everywhere... 1 step forward, 10 back. For them anyway. Sam
Strewth | 423 days

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Where I grew up this was a real problem. Farmer up the road tried burning it but it regrow. He slashed and mulched but it spread the seed. In the end goats helped destroy it

192 days ago
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