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Welcome to all new members in January and February - thank you for being part of this community from the very beginning!

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My name is Airlie and I live with my husband Hugh just north of Deniliquin. We run a mixed livestock and irrigated cropping system.  We traditionally grow rice in summer, however we could not make it feasible this year.

I would love to hear who you are and where you are from. Thank you for being valued members of this community.

148 days ago

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Hi Airlie, my name's Susie. I wasn't involved on the farm before having our children. After raising our 3 kids, rather than going back into the workforce I'm keen to get more involved on the farm, from the day-to-day side, but also in financial planning and risk management.

We run a mixed property with sheep and winter cropping.


-Farm Partner and Mother of three.
141 days ago
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