Do you know who can assist with writing up funding proposals/applications?

Hi, we are looking at applying for some investment funding, but were hoping to get assistance from a professional for the process. It will be for a reasonably large infrastructure investment/spend.

I'm not sure if there are indivdiduals/companies out there that specialise in this, and whether it's affordable for us?

576 days ago

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Hi, there is a company in Wagga called the RGTC group - I think it stands for Regional Grants, Tenders and Corporate Services. I'm not sure if they do applications for farmers, but might be worth a look.

-Farm Partner and Mother of three.
569 days ago
Thank you
downsp | 555 days

Hi, have you spoken to your local government funded Rural Financial Counciler? 


571 days ago
Thanks Jason, that's a good idea. I have a hunch they may be overwhelmed with drought assistance applications, but thanks the idea - appreciate it.
downsp | 571 days

Central Highland Regional Resource Use Plan otherwise known as CHRRUP is worth talking to you.


559 days ago
Thanks AO. Will have a look
downsp | 555 days

Or if you have a local COuncil (Tourism Development Officer or the like) they can certainly give you advice about who in your area could do this sort of work

-Broadacre farmers at Coolamon and West Wyalong
528 days ago
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