Does anyone have experience with leasing livestock, sheep mainly?

Trying to find some information on leasing livestock, mainly sheep. Things to think about to setup an agreement fairly for the Lessor and lessee. There would be a different agreement for a prime lamb enterprise compared to self replacing Merinos I assume. Most people advice to purchase the stock, but sometimes the cash funds may not be available at the start. It also reduces risk not having to buy livestock in the first year.

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Hi Anna,

I haven't got any sheep leasing direct experience, but while you're waiting for some answers, I can point you to some livestock leasing resources in our Library -> https://farmtable.com.au/build-category/livestock-leasing/

Most are cattle or dairy relevant, but this one might have some interesting insight for you? https://farmtable.com.au/build/alternatives-to-owning-livestock/

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154 days ago

Hi Anna,

Sam Trethwey sent this to us via Instagram. "tell Anna to search online at some American models of cow-calf lease agreements. I used them a few years ago. There are some excel models and ppt presentations from a university lecturer who has a soft spot for the concept. There is info that takes you over pros and cons for both leasor and leasee. Hope that helps. Happy to be connected with Anna if she can't find, I'll have on my laptop somewhere."

We have examples of these agreements in our Livestock Leasing hub. Please let us know if we can connect you with Sam.

Hope it is helpful,
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