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Water ppm for sheep performance?

Hi, we are looking into purchasing country and were wondering how high can ppm drinking water can be before sheep stop performing and going forward. Would this be different for Merino's and Dorpers?

I know there are rules of thumb out there but keen to get actual experiences with saline levels and stock performance. Thanks in advance.

625 days ago

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Hi Andy & Jane, had a little bit of experience talking to a few station owners in the NSW Western Division on water quality.

They were still having good results with both breeding dorpers and Merinos at 5000-6000ppm salt content. However i know there are many bores closer to 10,000ppm in the area and the stock still drink it but it would be a factor impacting on top production. they were tending to run more dry stock and whethers which are a bit more somewhat salt tolerant on these bores. Sorry I couldn't be more help. 

-Mixed farming manager of a family farm from Deniliquin, have some knowledge but master of none. Keen to learn and share.
607 days ago
Thanks Hughie, that is helpful. Cheers.
Andy and Jane | 603 days
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