How do I go about buying a farm when I'll never have the money needed to buy a farm of reasonable size

I want to know how to get my own farm, but the problem is I don't have the capital to buy it

596 days ago

You could join the Cultivate Farm Network, or find a farmer looking to diversify or put a proposal together for your bank on your business plan
ParksideRun | 254 days

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Check out Cultivate Farms they might be able top assist 

593 days ago

Never say never. As mentioned above small steps will get you there. Read the barefoot investor there are some good tips in there to help build your wealth and achieve goals. But you can’t achieve goals if you don’t set any.

560 days ago

Do some courses, find jobs in areas you are interested in. Save. Some great family farms and corporates out there looking for good workers, paying good wages who will give you savings and capacity to manage and grow your own place if you do it well

419 days ago
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