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Favourite farming podcast?

Hi, I'm keen to get into podcasts and learn more about farm business and animal science while I'm working. Are podcasts available for this?

2019 days ago

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I love the ‘Profitable Farmer’ podcast!

-Ag Business Student / Accountant / Farmer
2013 days ago
SalS | 2005 days
Agree, i really like this podcast
Tal Looten | 2006 days

You could try the new podcast 'This is Aus Ag'. A conversation with all walks of life from differing backgrounds about agriculture.

Chief Mobbler
-Founder of Mobble. Avid learner. Agriculture enthusiast.
1950 days ago

I recently started listening to Humans of Agriculture. It's hosted by the guy from Three Blue Ducks. Very good! 

Humans of Agriculture podcast link

Louise from SkyMesh
-Part of the SkyMesh family, working to connect regional, rural and remote Aussies to the internet.
1393 days ago
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