-I'm back on family mixed farm, work with multiple generations of our family at the moment. I work mainly in our summer and winter cropping program, and a little with our ewe mob.

Career advice sought for recent school leaver

I'm finishing school and want to pursue a career in agriculture, ideally on farm and working with livestock, but also on the business side. I would love to hear people's experiences and career paths?

Did you go up North or work on other people's properties? Or get a formal education or some sort? Or a mix?

Is there anything you wish you could do differently or recommend? Thanks.

577 days ago

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Hi Tom, 

My own career journey is definitely more on the business side of agriculture and began in an accounting firm, and then working locally in irrigation. I continued my education along the way, studying my degree via distance as a mature aged student (graduating at 26). 

I would recommend checking out https://www.peopleinag.com.au/story-listing/ for more stories of careers journeys in agriculture, as well as the blog posts of the Young Farming Champions (http://www.youngfarmingchampions.com/theteam/yfc.html). There is certainly a diverse range of career paths in agriculture! 

My hot tip is to take as many opportunities as you can - they open your eyes to new ideas, you continually learn, and you meet the most incredible people. 

Good luck, 


Aimee Snowden
-Irrigation farmer from Sth NSW specialising in fodder production. Work off-farm in agricultural PR, comms and school outreach. Creator of the LEGO Farmer and passionate about agricultural education.
572 days ago
So helpful, thanks Aimee. Really appreciate it. The Young Farming Champions blogs are so helpful - thanks.
TomS | 559 days
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