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-New School Farmer

Young Farmers : how do we combat the barriers to new farmers and equip the next generation of producers for a changing climate, economy and industry in the face of a rapidly growing urbanised population.

The average age of the Australian Farmer is now 57

If these demographics statistics in the agricultural sector were reflected in any other industry there would be a national outcry! 

How do we galvanise support and investment for this issue and ensure the social sustainability of the industry.

805 days ago

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Maybe the best place to start would be to broadcast the benefits of a career in ag and break down the stigma that its for uneducated, lower IQed people who didn't get any better career opportunity. 

It might help us a little if the media wasn't so biased against agriculture and stopped publicising for vegan activism and green living.

382 days ago

Change must start at school. The education system really must employ trust in our sector as equal career move to medical or law. We need more young farmers advocating to a wider audience 

230 days ago
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