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sowing pasture on rocky ground - tyne or disc?

Looking for recomendation/experience with seeders for sowing pastures into a mix of country including compacted and/or rocky ground. Pro's and Con's of disc vs tyne drills. 

110 days ago

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We have both a tyned And disc drill.both with big breakout pressure. In the same scenarios. 

both have their advantages. 

If the rock is below ground I'd go the disc. It will just roll over the top of the rocks rather than pull them out. (you'll want a heavy machine to get through that compaction.)or you could sow a tillage Raddish before sowing pastures. 

we had a old farmed compacted paddock 2 years ago. The disc wouldn't go deeper than 10mm. Hit it with the tyned drill and pulled up every rock.
3 weeks of rock raking and rock picking we finally had a paddock that looked like a paddock and not a quarry.. 


we have had rocks fly off the tynes and smash the tractor. And have heard of broken windows..

Disc is the better option


104 days ago
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