-My husband and I run a mixed grazing property in the Southern Riverina of NSW.

What training course or development program did you attend in 2019 that you would recommend to me to do this year?

I manage our livestock and mixed farming property and looking to improve my business and profit management skills as well as marketing of livestock, and grazing/pasture management! 

Time is poor so looking for recommendations.  

253 days ago

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Lifetime ewe management is a must!

250 days ago

Hi AlPhipps,

Some responses from our social media community:

-Founder Farm Table and Mixed Farmer
240 days ago

I studied Cert IV - Agriculture, continued my Master of Business, AgVic Skills course and some smaller on-line courses in soil management

219 days ago

The Farm Owners Academy online course is fantastic. Good for all sorts of farming businesses.

213 days ago
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