-My husband and I run a mixed grazing property in the Southern Riverina of NSW.

Are you a member of a grower group?

Hi, just seeking some feedback on grower or producer groups? I know they are popular in parts of Australia but I don't think we have anything round us. Keen to underrstand positives and negatives, membership and how yours functions?

Cheers all.

16 days ago

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Going to confess to bias answer as I'm the executive officer of the Irrigated Cropping Council but value in access to grains research being conducted locally as well as local industry events. In southern Riverina there is Riverine Plains www.riverineplains.org.au who are focused on dryland broadacre or ourselves www.irrigatedcroppingcouncil.com.au and southern growers who focus on irrigated cropping. A little bit further north is Farmlink www.farmlink.com.au. Memberships usually pretty cheap as farmer boards keen to ensure access to information is affordable . 

8 days ago
Thanks so much - really helpful. Will check out those links.
AlPhipps | 4 days

Hi, I'm part of a group in NW Tassie, we started up due to an interest in a particular topic: cover cropping. We're still figuring out what we should do about membership, but we have a strong committee and have been able to access some super useful funding, mostly for on-farm trials, and have used the group to organise visits from guest speakers. We're committed to being majority growers on the committee - which means everyone is super time poor, but it is important to the group to work around that. I think that the members and the broader farming community in this region have got a lot out of it, and NRM bodies, local media and people on social media are really interested in us and what we do. 

5 days ago
Thanks Theresa, look forward to hearing how it goes. INterest to hear about something relatively new too.
AlPhipps | 4 days
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