-My husband and I run a mixed grazing property in the Southern Riverina of NSW.

Do you pay for a weather service??

Do you pay for weather or climate advice and has it been worth it compared to free info available?

291 days ago

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I have access to x4 weather stations, two on the farm and two in the area. We compare this against the BOM, the Bio-dynamic astra calender and the weather patterns that I plot each year. There is so much out there that it can be hard to know what to follow. I was told (grandfather) if you record your first frost and first spring day you can plot your cropping calender of this.

192 days ago

No. With research there are many weather apps and websites with reliable data avaiable. You may even find in your local area there are farmers with their own weather stations, it is worth asking around for access to these (only for real time data, they are not predicting weather events). 

243 days ago
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