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Do I risk mismothering lambs to move them?

Hi, ours ewes have started lambing (about 10%). Do I risk mismothering these lambing ewes and move them to greener pasture? Or should I keep feeding them where they are? 

471 days ago

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If the paddock you are wanting to move them to isn't too far away, could you just open the gate/s and then let them move through at their own pace. When they have all moved into the fresh paddock (after a couple of days) you can lock them in there.

If the paddock is a far way away, it isn't ideal, but if you took them really slow it might be Ok. 

Really, it's just a hard season to be lambing ewes. Good luck. 

465 days ago

Hi WatersP,

A few answers from Farm Table social media friends:

  • @EmCharlotteAnn: "We often 'drift' lamb if the paddocks are close together let them move on their own and then move the fresh lambs and mums out later on"
  • @sheepGeekCP: "Will the ewes run to new paddock? (are they hungry). If not. Move them. Don't use the vehicle. Cut off ewes and lambs that fall to back of mob (don't race to cut them off). After 1 week move them to new paddock as well"
  • @kelly_gorter: "Would also want to be conscious of causing preg tox in the ewes that haven’t lambed if you are going to move them. Feeding lambing ewes risks mismothering every time you drive in the paddock and the ewes run to you for a feed anyway. No easy answer."

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461 days ago
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