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Tips for managing bloat?

Hi, I'm looking for tips for managing bloat in cattle. We used to used bloat bombs, but cannot access them anymore. We are supplementing with hay but we are still having issues. Thanks.

459 days ago

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If you are on troughs then bloat oil works, about 4l/day per 100 cows (or read the lable). I have also mucked around with an automatic metering system to get a consistent amount into the water. Have also noticed that common 'non ionic' crop wetters use the same active ingredient as bloat oil at 1/2 the cost.

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458 days ago
Thank you - that is really helpful.
AlPhipps | 455 days

There’s been some interesting research done on feeding charcoal to cattle . Charcoal converts and disrupts the fermentation process . 

Feeding it can be done I; a variety of ways ranging from mixing with molasses , dry licks and even salt . That added bonus is as it passes through the gut it picks up excess nutrients and bacteria (and toxins)  and once on the ground , dung beetles bury it for soil microbes to work their magic .

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444 days ago

Hi Al,

Response below:

Carly Noble Castor oil works great

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416 days ago

Biochar is another really good product

298 days ago
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