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Where is the best place to go to hire employees?

Hi, I was hoping to get the guidance on where is the best place to advertise job positions or look for farm staff? Is the newspaper still a good option or would you recommend online ads or specific sites?

We wil have need to employ both short-term and part-time work, as well as longer-term overseer position.

Can we advertise positions here?

939 days ago

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Try ‘Bush Recruitment’ https://www.facebook.com/Bush-Recruitment-965272526858866/ 

very thorough and reliable! 

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919 days ago
Great! Thanks Zoe
PRicketts | 917 days

It probably depends a bit on where you are and what industry you are in, but as a cattle producer from the Kimberley I get a good response from Gumtree and Facebook.  With Facebook, there are a number of pages specifically for jobs, such as Station/Farming Jobs Australia and Station Positons Northern Australia, which are a good place to start.  You get a lot of tyre kickers though, so it is important to have a system to filter out the serious applicants.  Good luck.

935 days ago
Thanks DampierDowns
PRicketts | 920 days

Maybe you should let your stock and station agents know, they have a wide range of contacts within the industry...

931 days ago
Thanks Hannah, we had not thought of that. Cheers
PRicketts | 920 days

Agree with the other two contributors.  Depending on where you are situated put a post on fb (buy swap and sell) pages so it can be shared, also "jobs positions", even ads in local cafes etc work.  If you are wanting people for remote work, its probably a bit harder but make your posts shareable so likeminded ag. people can share for you.  Good luck!

-Broadacre farmers at Coolamon and West Wyalong
924 days ago
PRicketts | 905 days
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