Pink eye in cattle

Has anyone had any success vaccinating against pink eye in cattle? Be great to hear of people's experiences this summer.

If you don't vaccinate, what treatment procedure have you found to be the best? Cheers

566 days ago

We have been vacinating for a number a years with questionable results (one year only bull calves and not heifer calves), similar result in a low problem year. This year vacination + 'Arrest Easy Dose' and excellent result in a season where lots of problems reported. Backs up a trip to Canada last year where there were a number of sellers of 'insecticide rubs' and they claimed a big reduction in pink eye as well as the target Buffalo fly. Looking to investigate this one further.
Sindersp | 540 days
Hi there. For anyone who is interested in giving it a go for treating "Pink eye", we have been using High Contented Sulphur blocks for treating fly, scrub ticks, lice...... & have found the Pinkeye has pretty much subsided, along with many other annoying issues the stock get from time to time. A cheap option considering.
lindiloo | 558 days

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We have been vaccinating for years and swear buy it.  Last year we were a bit late and had a few to treat, otherwise recommend it.

559 days ago
Thanks Nic, really helpful.
downsp | 556 days

We haven’t vacc before. Think there is too many bacteria strains not covered by it. Has been a bad season for it. Ointment +/- terramycin powder and a patch has worked best for us.

565 days ago
Cheers Dave.hat's been your most successful patch + adhesive strategy?
downsp | 565 days

Yep it has been with the ointment before putting patch on. Using adhesive from leader brand patches, once the patches used up we’ve just made our own from old clothes. 

563 days ago
Thanks Dave
downsp | 556 days

Squirting 3 ml of cod liver oil directly into the eye provides relief and the weep coming from the eye soon dries up. 

552 days ago
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