-My husband and I run a mixed grazing property in the Southern Riverina of NSW.

I’m looking in pneumatic sheep handlers/autodrafters. What do you recommend?

Hi, we are looking into sheep handlers/autodrafter. We are keen to autoweigh and draft as well as to crutch, turn over rams etc. in there. Having it portable between yards is a consideration too.

There seems to be so many (Australian and international) on the market that we are not sure where to start. Any assistance is grealy appreciated. 

23 days ago

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We have seperated the two and have a dedicated weigh/auto drafter and seperate handler that we can also weigh in. The autodrafter is a prattley 3 way slide gate that we bough 2nd hand and have recently fitted a panel reader to for EID tags, it works great for weighing our 2nd x lambs - we use it with a tru-test xr5000 indicator.

The handler is a combi clamp. We love it for its simplicity. No power and no air needed. The sheep run through really well - some feedback we heard on pneumatic ones was that the sheep get scared of all the noise after a few goes through. We were recently looking through some mobs for pink eye and were able to let most of the sheep run straight through and then just put pressure on the ones that we wanted to catch for a better look. 

Hopefully the link works for photos, let me know if you have any other questions - happy to discuss further!


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8 days ago
Thanks Roger, really helpful. Will have a look at those photos now.
AlPhipps | 8 days
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