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-Works on properties across Australia and have been managing a mixed farm.

What's on your 2019 reading list?

What's on your holiday and 2019 reading list? I've got 'Call of the Reed Warbler' by Charles Massey here and so excited to get stuck in.

Please send thorugh any must-reads!

77 days ago

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I heard Charles speak at an event in 2018, and am keen to read more of his work. 

My holiday reading including "Rusted Off" by Gabrielle Chan. Recently finished and really enjoyed the insights Gabrielle provided on rural communities, rural politics and campaigning. It was a great read and very insightful. I will watch the upcoming NSW and Federal elections with new knowledge now! 

Aimee Snowden
-Irrigation farmer from Sth NSW specialising in fodder production. Work off-farm in agricultural PR, comms and school outreach. Creator of the LEGO Farmer and passionate about agricultural education.
63 days ago
Thanks Aimee!!
Andy and Jane | 42 days

I have read Call of the Reed Warbler, it was really comprehensive, lots of great examples of what is happening in regenerative ag. I enjoyed Dirt to Soil by Gabe Brown.

59 days ago
Cheers Jock!
Andy and Jane | 42 days
Cheers Jock!
Andy and Jane | 42 days
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