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Lifetime Ewe Management course advice

Have you attended a lifetime ewe course? Would you recommend it? We have both Merino's and composite ewes. 

663 days ago

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The course is a great initiative, its hands on, practical and generally tailored to you region (with the right trainer). You only have to meet 6 times in the year and the social networking that comes from it with the other participants is a bonus. It covers all aspects of ewe management on maintaining optimal condition scores to assessing and practicing feed on offer assessments over the calendar year. It works really well for mixed farming areas but didn't fit as well for western grazing regions. 

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628 days ago
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I would ABSOLUTELY recommend the course. Cannot speak highly enough of the course. My only suggestion would be to try and find some like minded neighbours, mates etc and get a group together. 

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651 days ago
Thanks so much Adele. Will have a think and see if anyone else around here hasn't done it already.
GusS | 650 days

I haven't done the course but i came across it the other day searching for a course for my partner, i am encouraging him to do it as i think its very comprehnsive and professional. He however is hesitant becasue it is a 12 month course and he doesn't think he is capable of completing the work to the standard expected. He is also worried about the cost but i suggested the Farm Business Skills Professional Development Program from the RAA. 

646 days ago

I have worked along side advisors who run these courses and even they are excited about sharing their knowledge and helping with your flocks breeding performance. Their knowledge is very practical and informative and can help you make great decisions regarding your livestock management. Not only that but it’s great to connect with like minded farmers in similar situations to create a support network to help each other out when need be. Definitely worth it as I have seen the results myself!

601 days ago
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