-I'm back on family mixed farm, work with multiple generations of our family at the moment. I work mainly in our summer and winter cropping program, and a little with our ewe mob.

I would like to study Agribusiness

I'm a student looking to study Agriculture, perhaps Agribusiness. Can anyone recommend a course of institution that is both practical and will give me a good skill set to manage farms and run livestock? I'm currently based in Orange, NSW but would be interested in other locations in NSW.

1034 days ago

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I am currently studying the Bachelor of Agricultural Business Management by Distance through CSU Wagga, and I'm loving it!

-Ag Business Student / Accountant / Farmer
1032 days ago
Thanks so much - I appreciate that. How do you find the long distance?
TomS | 1027 days

Hi Tom, 

I also studied a Bachelor of Agricultural Business Management through CSU - and also via distance. I found the course really suited me. I was a mature aged student (not entering uni until 23) and studying part-time whilst working full-time.

In answering your question, studying by long distance is not for the faint hearted! 

I often say you have all the work of uni and none of the fun! :) 

You certainly have access to all the resources of internal face-to-face students, and interaction with online forums and residential schools for most subjects, but you need to be very self motivated and driven. I enjoyed it because it fitted around my life, and I was driven by the end goal. 

Aimee Snowden
-Irrigation farmer from Sth NSW specialising in fodder production. Work off-farm in agricultural PR, comms and school outreach. Creator of the LEGO Farmer and passionate about agricultural education.
1017 days ago
Thanks so much, Aimee, that's really helpful. I might need some help on the self-control if looking at long distance!
TomS | 1015 days
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