-My husband and I run a mixed grazing property in the Southern Riverina of NSW.

Seeking advice on mobile trough designs

What are your favourite mobile trough designs? What sort of capacity and flow rate do they allow? Thanks 

679 days ago

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I would also like to see responses to this question, I have seen the likes of kiwitech fencing however i would like to see some ideas around moving water without having the poly infrustructure. For example to do regular holistic grazing moves on leased broad acreage using a water tanker with a tow behind trough that could pump back into the tanker for daily moves etc so you didnt need to dump the water to empty the trough.

642 days ago
Cheers Jock, hopefully someone has some insights.
AlPhipps | 639 days

We recently bought 2 x Rapid Plas 'Sweep Trough' s to use in our lamb feedlot. No affiliation with the company at all but so far we are really happy with them. They only hold 140L so not as much of an issue losing water when you clean them out and the broom that you can get makes cleaning really easy. I imagine that it wouldn't be too hard to mount on a trailer to move around, or the troughs are light enough to move around by yourself on a ute if they are empty. The float inlet is small but flow rate doesn't seem to be an issue at all. Hope that helps...


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576 days ago
Thanks Roger. Appreciate it - will have a look.
AlPhipps | 568 days
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